adjective face to face with, in presence; sammukhaciṇṇa a deed done in a person’s presence Ja.iii.27; sammukhā (abl.)

  1. face to face before, from before DN.ii.155; Snp.p.79; Ja.i.115; Ja.iii.89 (opp. parokkhā); with acc. Bv.ii.73 = Ja.i.17; with gen DN.i.222; DN.ii.220; MN.i.146.
  2. in a full assembly of qualified persons Vin.ii.3; loc. sammukhe DN.ii.206; Ja.v.461. In composition sammukha˚, sammukhā˚ sammukhī˚; (before bhū): ˚bhāva (˚a˚) presence, confrontation Mil.126; (˚ī˚) being face to face with coming into one’s presence DN.i.103; MN.i.438; AN.i.150 -bhūta (˚ī˚) being face to face with, confronted DN.ii.155; SN.iv.94; Vin.ii.73; AN.iii.404 sq.; AN.v.226; one who has realized the saṃyojanas Kv.483; -vinaya (˚ā˚) proceeding in presence, requiring the presence of a chapter of priests and of the party accused Vin.ii.74, Vin.ii.93 sq.; Vin.iv.207; AN.i.99; Dhs-a.144. See also yebhuyyasikā.

saṃ + mukha