1. consent, permission Vin.iii.199.
  2. choice, selection, delegation Vin.iii.159.
  3. fixing, determination (of boundary) Vin.i.106.
  4. common consent, general opinion, convention, that which is generally accepted; as ˚-conventional, e.g. -sacca conventional truth (as opposed to paramattha˚ the absolute truth) Mil.160; -ñāṇa common knowledge DN.iii.226; -deva what is called a deva Ja.i.132; DN-a.i.174 see under deva; ˚maraṇa what is commonly called “death” Vism.229
    sammuccā (instr.) by convention or common consent Snp.648 (variant reading sammacca = ger. of sammannati).
  5. opinion, doctrine Snp.897 (= dvāsaṭṭhī diṭṭhigatāni Mnd.308), Snp.904, Snp.911.
  6. definition declaration, statement Vin.i.123 (ummattaka˚); AN.iv.347 (vādaka˚); Vb-a.164 (bhuñjaka˚).
  7. a popular expression, a mere name or word Mil.28.
  8. tradition, lore; combined with suti at Mil.3.

fr. saṃ + man