a pin of the yoke Abhp.449; a kind of sacrificial instrument Snp-a.321 (sammaṃ ettha pāsantī ti sammāpāso; and sātrā-yāgass’ etaṃ adhivacanaṃ). Cp. Weber Indische Streifen i.36, and sammāpāsa below.

cp. Sk. śamyā


indeclinable thoroughly properly, rightly; in the right way, as it ought to be best, perfectly (opp. micchā) DN.i.12; Vin.i.12; Snp.359 Snp.947; Dhp.89, Dhp.373. Usually as ˚-, like sammā-dhārā even or proper showers (i.e. at the right time) Pv.ii.9#70 especially in connection with constituents of the eightfold Aryan Path, where it is contrasted with micchā see magga 2 a. (e.g. Vb-a.114 sq., Vb-a.121, Vb-a.320 sq.). The form sammā is reduced to samma˚; before short vowels (with the insertion of a sandhi -d-, cp. puna-deva), like samma-d-eva properly, in harmony or completeness DN.i.110; Vin.i.9: Pv-a.139, Pv-a.157; samma-daññā & ˚akkhāta; (see below); and before double consonants arisen from assimilation, like sammag-gata (= samyak + gata). The compounds we shall divide into two groups, viz. (a) compounds with samma˚; (b) with sammā˚.

  1. -akkhāta well preached Dhp.86. -aññā perfect knowledge Vin.i.183; SN.i.4; SN.iv.128; Dhp.57 (˚vimutta cp. Dhp-a.i.434); Iti.38, Iti.79, Iti.93, Iti.95, Iti.108. -attha a proper or good thing or cause -ddasa having right views AN.ii.18; SN.iv.205, SN.iv.207; Snp.733; Iti.47, Iti.61, Iti.81 Kv.339. -ggata [cp. BSk. samyaggata Divy.399] who has wandered rightly, perfect MN.i.66; who has attained the highest point, an Arahant DN.i.55; SN.i.76; AN.i.269; AN.iv.226; AN.v.265; Ja.iii.305; Iti.87; Tha-ap.218 Also sammāgata Vin.ii.203#2. -ppajāna having right knowledge Dhp.20; Iti.115. -ppaññā right knowledge true wisdom Vin.i.14; Dhp.57, Dhp.190; Snp.143; Iti.17; Mil.39. -ppadhāna ājīva* right living, right means of livelihood, right occupation Vin.i.10; SN.v.421, etc.; formula DN.ii.312 (adj.) living in the right way MN.i.42; AN.ii.89. -kammanta right conduct, right behaviour Vin.i.10; SN.v.421 etc.; definition DN.ii.312; Dhs.300; adj. behaving in the right way MN.i.42; AN.ii.89. -ñāṇa right knowledge enlightenment, results from right concentration DN.ii.217; AN.i.292; adj. MN.i.42. -ñāṇin possessing the right insight AN.ii.89, AN.ii.222. -dassana right views Vism.605 -diṭṭhi right views, right belief, the first stage of the noble eightfold path, consists in the knowledge of the four truths DN.ii.311; its essence is knowledge Dhs.20, Dhs.297, Dhs.317; cp. Vism.509; comprises the knowledge of the absence of all permanent Being and the reality of universal conditioned Becoming SN.ii.17 SN.iii.135; and of the impermanence of the 5 Khandhas SN.iii.51 = SN.iv.142; and of Sīla, of causation and of the destruction of the Āsavas MN.i.46–MN.i.55; how obtained MN.i.294; two degrees of MN.iii.72; supremely important AN.i.30–AN.i.32 AN.i.292 sq.; (adj.) Mil.i.47. -diṭṭhika having the right belief DN.i.139; AN.ii.89; AN.ii.220 sq.; AN.iii.115, AN.iii.138 AN.iv.290; AN.v.124 sq.; SN.iv.322. -dvayatānupassin duly considering both-i.e. misery with its origin, the destruction of misery with the path, respectively Snp.p.140. -dhārā a heavy shower SN.v.379. -paṭipatti right mental disposition AN.i.69; Ne.27; Mil.97 sammāpaṭipadā Pp.49 sq.; Dhp-a.iv.127; sammāpaṭipanna rightly disposed, having the right view DN.i.8, DN.i.55; Pp.49 sq. -passaṃ viewing the matter in the right way SN.iii.51; SN.iv.142. -pāsa [Sk. śamyāprāsa but BSk. śamyaprāśa Divy.634] a kind of sacrifice Snp.303; AN.ii.42; AN.iv.151; SN.i.76; Iti.21; Ja.iv.302; Snp-a.321 Cp. sammā1. -manasikāra right, careful, thought DN.i.13; DN-a.i.104. -vattanā strict, proper, conduct Vin.i.46, Vin.i.50; Vin.ii.5. -vācā right speech Vin.i.10; DN-a.i.314; definition DN.ii.312; Dhs.299; (adj.) speaking properly MN.i.42; AN.ii.89. -vāyāma right effort Vin.i.10; Dhs.13, Dhs.22, Dhs.302; definition DN.ii.312; adj. MN.i.42; AN.ii.89 -vimutta right emancipation AN.i.292; -vimutti the same DN.ii.217; AN.ii.196, AN.ii.222; (adj.) MN.i.42; AN.ii.89 -saṅkappa right resolve, right intention Dhp.12; Vin.i.10; Dhs.21, Dhs.298; definition DN.ii.312; (adj.) MN.i.42; AN.ii.89 -sati right memory, right mindfulness, self-possession Vin.i.10; Dhs.23, Dhs.303; definition DN.ii.313; (adj.) MN.i.42; AN.ii.89. -samādhi right concentration, the last stage of the noble eightfold path Vin.i.10; Dhs.24, Dhs.304 definition DN.ii.313; adj. MN.i.12; AN.ii.89. -sampassaṃ having the right view SN.iv.142. -sambuddha perfectly enlightened, a universal Buddha Vin.i.5; DN.i.49; Dhp.187; Ja.i.44; Dhp-a.i.445; Dhp-a.iii.241; Vb-a.436, etc. -sambodhi perfect enlightenment, supreme Buddhaship Vin.i.11; DN.ii.83; SN.i.68, etc.

Vedic samyac (= samyak) & samīś “connected, in one”; see under saṃ˚