attention, consideration, discrimination, comprehension, circumspection AN.i.13 sq.; AN.ii.93; AN.iii.307; AN.iv.320; AN.v.98 sq. SN.iii.169; DN.iii.213 (sati + samp. opp. to muṭṭha-sacca asampajañña), DN.iii.273. Description of it in detail at DN-a.i.183 sq. = Vb-a.347 sq., where given as fourfold, viz sātthaka˚, sappāya˚, gocara˚, asammoha˚, with examples Often combined with sati, with which almost synonymous, e.g. at DN.i.63; AN.i.43; AN.ii.44 sq.; AN.v.115, AN.v.118.

fr. sampajāna, i.e. *sampajānya