to put together, to connect, to fit, to arrange Ja.iv.336; Mhvs.vii.18; ppr. med sandahamāna Dhs-a.113; ger. sandahitvā Ja.iv.336 & sandhāya lit. after putting on Ja.iv.258 (the arrow on to the bow); fig. with reference to, concerning MN.i.503; Ja.i.203, Ja.i.274; Ja.ii.177; Pv-a.87, Pv-a.89, Pv-a.110; towards Ja.i.491; Ja.iii.295. pp. sandhīyate [& sandhiyyate]; to be put together, to be self-contained Pp.32; to be connected Snp-a.376, Snp-a.572; to reflect upon, to resent Snp.366; to be reconciled Ja.ii.114
pp saṃhita.

saṃ + dahati1