memory, recognition, consciousness, DN.i.180; DN.ii.292; Mil.77–Mil.80 intentness of mind, wakefulness of mind, mindfulness alertness, lucidity of mind, self-possession, conscience self-consciousness DN.i.19; DN.iii.31, DN.iii.49, DN.iii.213, DN.iii.230, DN.iii.270 sq. AN.i.95; Dhs.14; Mnd.7; Tikp.61; Vb-a.91; Dhs-a.121; Mil.37; upaṭṭhitā sati presence of mind DN.iii.252, DN.iii.282 DN.iii.287; SN.ii.231; AN.ii.6, AN.ii.218; AN.iii.199; AN.iv.232; Iti.120 parimukhaṃ satiṃ upaṭṭhāpetuṃ to surround oneself with watchfulness of mind MN.iii.89; Vin.i.24, satiṃ paccupaṭṭhāpetuṃ to preserve self-possession Ja.i.112 Ja.iv.215; [kāyagatā sati](/define/kāyagatā sati) intentness of mind on the body, realization of the impermanency of all things MN.iii.89; AN.i.43; SN.i.188; Mil.248; Mil.336; muṭṭhasati forgetful, careless DN.iii.252, DN.iii.282; maraṇasati mindfulness as to death AN.iv.317 sq.; Ja.iv.216; Snp-a.54; Pv-a.61, Pv-a.66. asati not thinking of, forgetfulness Dhs-a.241; instr. asatiyā through forgetfulness, without thinking of it, not intentionally Vin.ii.289#2. sati (sammā˚) is one of the constituents of the 8-fold Ariyan Path (e g. AN.iii.141 sq.; Vb-a.120): see magga 2.

-ādhipateyya (sat˚) dominant mindfulness AN.ii.243 sq.; Iti.40. -indriya the sense, faculty, of mindfulness AN.ii.149; Dhs.14. -uppāda arising, production of recollection Ja.i.98; AN.ii.185; MN.i.124. -ullapakāyika, a class of devas SN.i.16 sq. -paṭṭhāna [BSk. smṛty’upasthāna Divy.126, Divy.182, Divy.208] intent contemplation and mindfulness earnest thought, application of mindfulness there are four satipaṭṭhānas, referring to the body, the sensations, the mind, and phenomena respectively DN.ii.83, DN.ii.290 sq.; DN.iii.101 sq., DN.iii.127, DN.iii.221; MN.i.56, MN.i.339 MN.ii.11 etc.; AN.ii.218; AN.iii.12; AN.iv.125 sq., AN.iv.457 sq.; AN.v.175; SN.iii.96, SN.iii.153; SN.v.9, SN.v.166; Dhs.358; Kv.155 (cp. Kvu translation 104 sq.); Mnd.14, Mnd.45, Mnd.325, Mnd.340; Vism.3; Vb-a.57 Vb-a.214 sq., Vb-a.417
■ See on term e.g. Cpd. 179; and in greater detail Dial. ii.322 sq. -vinaya disciplinary proceeding under appeal to the accused monk’s own conscience Vin.i.325; Vin.ii.79 etc.; MN.ii.247; AN.i.99. -vepullappatta having attained a clear conscience Vin.ii.79 -saṃvara restraint in mindfulness Vism.7; Dhs-a.351; Snp-a.8. -sampajañña mindfulness and self-possession DN.i.70; AN.ii.210; DN-a.i.183 sq. -sambojjhaṅga (e.g. SN.v.90) see (sam)bojjhanga. -sammosa loss of mindfulness or memory, lack of concentration or attention DN.i.19; Vin.ii.114; DN-a.i.113; Pp.32; Vism.63; Mil.266.

Vedic smṛti: see etym. under sarati2