agitation, fear, anxiety; thrill, religious emotion (caused by contemplation of the miseries of this world) DN.iii.214; AN.i.43; AN.ii.33, AN.ii.114; SN.i.197; SN.iii.85; SN.v.130, SN.v.133; Iti.30; Snp.935; Ja.i.138 Mnd.406; Vism.135 = Kp-a.235 (eight objects inducing emotion: birth, old age, illness, death, misery in the apāyas, and the misery caused by saṃsāra in past, present & future stages); Mhvs.1, Mhvs.4; Mhvs.23, Mhvs.62; Pv-a.1, Pv-a.22, Pv-a.32, Pv-a.39 Pv-a.76.

fr. saṃ + vij