1. to go on, to pass over to (acc.), to join DN.i.55 (ākāsaṃ indriyāni s.); Vin.i.54 Vin.ii.138 (bhikkhū rukkhā rukkhaṃ s., climb fr. tree to tree); Kv.565 sq. (jhānā jhānaṃ).
  2. to transmigrate Mil.71 sq. (+ paṭisandahati)
    grd saṅkamanīya to be passed on or transferred Vin.i.190; cīvara˚; a dress that should be handed over, which does not belong to one Vin.iv.282

pp saṅkanta
caus saṅkāmeti 1 to pass over, to cause to go, to move, to shift Vin.iii.49 Vin.iii.58, Vin.iii.59. 2 to come in together (sensations to the heart) Dhs-a.264
■ Cp. upa˚.

saṃ + kamati