1. abridgment, abstract, condensed account (opp. vitthāra), e.g. Vism.532, Vism.479; Dhp.i.125 Kp-a.183; Dhs-a.344; Snp-a.150, Snp-a.160, Snp-a.314; Vb-a.47 Cp. ati˚.
  2. the sum of, quintessence of; instr. -ena (adv.) by way of, as if, e.g. rāja˚ as if he were king DN-a.i.246; bhūmi-ghara˚ in the shape of an earth house DN-a.i.260.
  3. group, heaping up, amassing, collection pabbata-saṅkhepe in a mountain glen (lit. in the midst of a group of mountains) DN.i.84; AN.iii.396. bhava˚ amassing of existences Ja.i.165 sq., Ja.i.366, Ja.i.463; Ja.ii.137.
  4. aṭavi˚; at AN.i.178; AN.iii.66 is probably a wrong reading for -saṅkopa “inroad of savage tribes.”

saṃ + khepa