Saṅkhyā (f.)

  1. enumeration, calculation, estimating DN.ii.277; MN.i.109; Mil.59 Mil.2. number Dāvs i.25.
  2. denomination, definition, word, name (cp. on term K.S. i.321) SN.iii.71 sq.; SN.iv.376 sq.; Cnd.617 (= uddesa gaṇanā paññatti); Dhs.1306; Mil.25
    saṅkhaṃ gacchati to be styled, called or defined; to be put into words DN.i.199, DN.i.201; Vin.ii.239; MN.i.190, MN.i.487; AN.i.68, AN.i.244 = AN.ii.113; Pp.42; Ne.66 sq. Vism.212, Vism.225, Vism.235, Vism.294 (khy); Snp-a.167 (khy); Dhs-a.11 (khy). saṅkhaṃ gata (cp. sankhāta) is called DN-a.i.41 (uyyānaṃ Ambalaṭṭhikā t’eva s. g.). saṅkhaṃ na upeti (nopeti) cannot be called by a name, does not count cannot be defined Iti.54; Snp.209, Snp.749, Snp.911, Snp.1074; Mnd.327; Cnd.617.

fr. saṃ + khyā