sweat DN.ii.293; AN.ii.67 sq. Iti.76; Snp.196; Ja.i.118, Ja.i.138, Ja.i.146, Ja.i.243; in detaiḷ (physiologically) at Vism.262, Vism.360; Vb-a.66, Vb-a.245 sweating for medicinal purposes, mahā˚ a great steambath; sambhāra˚ bringing about sweating by the use of herbs, etc.; seda-kamma sweating Vin.i.205
■ pl sedā drops of perspiration Dhp-a.i.253.

  • -āvakkhitta earned in the sweat of the brow AN.ii.67 sq., AN.iii.45, AN.iii.76; AN.iv.95, AN.iv.282.
  • -gata sweat-covered, sweating Vv-a.305.
  • -mala the stain of sweat Ja.iii.290; Vb-a.276
  • -yūsa sweat Vism.195.

Vedic sveda, fr. svid, cp. Av. xvaēda, Gr. ἰδρώς, Lat. sudor, Ags. svāt = E. sweat