boiled, cooked Ja.ii.435 (= pakka); Ja.v.201 (˚bhojana); Mil.272; Snp-a.27 (˚bhatta = pakk’odana of Snp.18).

a specific Pali formation fr. sijjati (svid) in meaning “to cook,” in analogy to siddha2


ended, accomplished Mhvs.23, Mhvs.45, Mhvs.78; successful Mil.247
■ (m.) a kind of semi-divine beings possessed of supernatural faculties, a magician Mil.120, Mil.267 [cp. Sk. siddha Halāyudha 1, 87; Yogasūtra 3, 33; Aufrecht remarks: “This is a post-vedic mythological fiction formed on the analogy of sādhya”].

  • -attha one who has completed his task Mil.214.

pp. of sijjhati