to make clean, to purify Vin.i.47; MN.i.39; Dhp.141; DN-a.i.261, DN-a.i.13#2; to examine, search Ja.i.200, Ja.i.291; Ja.ii.123; Ja.iii.528; to search for, to seek Ja.ii.135; to clean away, to remove Ja.iv.404; to correct Ja.ii.48; to clear a debt: in this meaning mixed with sādheti (q.v.) in phrases iṇaṃ s. and uddhāraṃ s.; we read iṇaṃ sodheti at Pv-a.276; uddhāraṃ sodheti at Ja.iv.45; otherwise sādheti
caus 2 sodhāpeti to cause to clean, to clean Vin.iii.208, Vin.iii.248 = Vin.i.206; Ja.i.305 Ja.ii.19; Pass. sodhīyati to be cleansed, to be adorned Bv.ii.40 sq. = Ja.i.12.

Caus. of sujjhati