faring well, happy, having a happy life after death (gati): see under gata; cp. Vism.424 (s. sugati-gata). Freq. Epithet of the Buddha (see Dict. of Names).

  • -aṅgula a Buddha-inch, an inch according to the standard accepted by Buddhists Vin.iv.168.
  • -ālaya imitation of the Buddha Ja.i.490, Ja.i.491; Ja.ii.38, Ja.ii.148, Ja.ii.162 Ja.iii.112.
  • -ovāda a discourse of the Blessed one Ja.i.119 Ja.i.349; Ja.ii.9, Ja.ii.13, Ja.ii.46; Ja.iii.368.
  • -vidatthi a Buddha-span, a span of the accepted length Vin.iii.149; Vin.iv.173.
  • -vinaya the discipline of the Buddha AN.ii.147.

su + gata