cemetery Vin.i.15, Vin.i.50; Vin.ii.146; DN.i.71; AN.i.241; AN.ii.210; Pp.59; Ja.i.175; Mnd.466; Cnd.342; Vism.76, Vism.180; Pv-a.80, Pv-a.92, Pv-a.163, Pv-a.195 sq āmaka-s. a place where the corpses are left to rot Ja.i.61, Ja.i.372;; Dhp-a.i.176. Cp. sosānika.

  • -aggi a cemetery fire Vism.54.
  • -gopaka the cemetery keeper Dhp-a.i.69.
  • -vaḍḍhana augmenting the cemetery fit to be thrown into the cemetery Thig.380. Cp kaṭasi˚.

cp. Vedic śmaśāna