1. to accomplish, further, effect Ja.ii.236 (Pot. sādhayemase).
  2. to make prosperous Pv-a.113, Pv-a.125
  3. to arrange, prepare Mhvs.7, Mhvs.24.
  4. to perform execute Ja.i.38 (ārāmika-kiccaṃ); DN-a.i.194; Mhvs.36, Mhvs.62 Vism.344 (see udukkhala).
  5. to make clear, bring to a (logical) conclusion, to prove Ja.ii.306; Snp-a.192 (atthaṃ), Snp-a.459; Tikp.58; Pv-a.30 (here as much as “is any good”).
  6. to collect or clear a debt, to recover (money). In this sense sādheti is mixed up with sodheti, which is regularly found as variant reading, is it almost better to substitute sodheti at all passages for sādheti (cp. iṇa, uddhāra), e.g. Ja.i.230; Ja.ii.341, Ja.ii.423; Ja.iii.106 Ja.iv.45; Dhp-a.iii.12

■ Cp. abhi˚.

Caus. of sādh to succeed. Dhtp.421 = saṃsiddhiyan