neuter generality; equality, conformity; unity, company Mil.163; Snp-a.449 (jāti identity of descent), Snp-a.449 (generality, contrasted to visesa detail), Snp-a.548 (id.); Vv-a.233 (diṭṭhi˚, sīla˚, equality) ˚-gata united DN.ii.80; ˚-nāma a name given by general assent Dhs-a.390.

abstr. fr. samāna


neuter Samaṇaship DN.i.51 sq.; DN.iii.72, DN.iii.245; MN.i.281 sq.; SN.v.25; AN.ii.27 = Iti.103; Dhp.19 sq., Dhp.311; DN-a.i.158; Vism.132; adj., in accordance with true Samaṇaship, striving to be a samaṇa Mil.18 Samaṇaship AN.i.142 sq.; Pv.ii.7#18 (explained at Pv-a.104 as “honouring the samaṇas”).

  • -attha the aim of Samaṇaship DN.i.230; AN.iv.366; MN.i.271; SN.ii.15; SN.iii.93; Ja.i.482;
  • -phala advantage resulting from Samaṇaship, fruit of the life of the recluse DN.i.51 sq.; Vism.215, Vism.512; Vv-a.71; Vb-a.317 more especially the fruition of the four stages of the Path, sotāpatti-, sakadāgāmi-, anāgāmi-, and arahattaphala SN.v.25; DN.iii.227, DN.iii.277; Dhs.1016; Dhs-a.423; Mil.344, Mil.358; DN-a.i.158; three samaññaphalas Kv.112.

abstr. fr. samaṇa