1. essential, most excellent, strong AN.ii.110; Vin.iv.214; Ja.iii.368; Pp.53.
  2. (m.) the innermost, hardest part of anything, the heart or pith of a tree (see also pheggu) MN.i.111; Ja.i.331; Mil.413; most excellent kind of wood Vin.ii.110; DN.ii.182 DN.ii.187; sattasārā the elect, the salt of the earth MN.iii.69.
  3. substance, essence, choicest part (generally at the end of comp.) Vin.i.184; AN.ii.141; SN.iii.83, SN.iii.140; Snp.5 Snp.330, Snp.364; Dhp.11 sq.; Pv-a.132, Pv-a.211 (candana˚). sāre patiṭṭhito established, based, on what is essential MN.i.31; AN.ii.183.
  4. value Mil.10; appasāra of small value DN.ii.346
    asāra worthless Snp.937; nissāra the same Ja.ii.163 (pithless); mahāsāra of high value Ja.i.384 Ja.i.463.
  • -ādāyin acquiring what is essential SN.iv.250.
  • -gandha the odour of the heart of a tree Dhs.625.
  • -gabbha a treasury Ja.iii.408; Ja.v.331.
  • -gavesin searching for hard wood MN.i.111, MN.i.233; sārapariyesana the same ibid
  • -dāru strong, durable wood Ja.ii.68.
  • -bhaṇḍa(ka) a bundle of one’s best things Ja.ii.225.
  • -bhūmi good soil Ja.ii.188.
  • -mañjūsā a box made of choice wood Ja.iv.335
  • -maya being of hard or solid wood Ja.iii.318 (C. sārarukkhamaya “of sāra wood” translation).
  • -suvaṇṇa sterling gold Snp-a.448 (in expln of name Bimbisāra).
  • -sūci a needle made of hard wood Ja.i.9.

Vedic sāra nt.