doubt; a doubtful view (often diṭṭhi, appl. like sammā˚, micchā-diṭṭhi), hair-splitting reasoning, sophistry (= itihītihaṃ Cnd.151). Opp. to takka (= micchā-sankappo Vb.86, Vb.356) is dhammatakka right thought (:vuccati sammā-sankappo Cnd.318; cp. Dhs.7, Dhs.298), DN.i.16 (˚pariyāhata); MN.i.68 (id.) Snp.209 (˚ṃ pahāya na upeti sankhaṃ), Snp.885 (doubt), Snp.886; Dhs.7, Dhs.21, Dhs.298 (+ vitakka, trsl. as “ratiocination” by Mrs. Rh. D.); Vb.86, Vb.237 (sammā˚) Vb.356; Vism.189 See also vitakka.

  • -āgama the way of (right) thought, the discipline of correct reasoning Dāvs v.22;
  • -āvacara as neg. atakkâvacarâ in phrase dhammā gambhīrā duddasā a˚ nipuṇā (views, etc.) deep, difficult to know, beyond logic (or sophistry: i.e. not accessible to doubt?), profound Vin.i.4 = DN.i.12 = SN.i.136 = MN.i.487. Gogerley trsl. “unattainable by reasoning,” Andersen “being beyond the sphere of thought”;
  • -āsaya room for doubt Snp.972
  • -gahaṇa the thicket of doubt or sophistry Ja.i.97
  • -vaḍḍhana increasing, furthering doubt or wrong ideas Snp.1084 (see Cnd.269);
  • -hetu ground for doubt (or reasoning?) AN.ii.193 = Cnd.151.

Sk. tarka doubt; science of logic (lit. “turning & twisting”) *treik, cp. Lat. tricae, intricare (to “trick,” puzzle), & also Sk. tarku bobbin, spindle, Lat torqueo (torture, turn)


neuter buttermilk (with 1/4 water), included in the five products from a cow (pañca gorasā) at Vin.i.244 made by churning dadhi Mil.173; Ja.i.340; Ja.ii.363; Dhp-a.ii.68 (takkâdi-ambila).

Should it not belong to the same root as takka1?