to burn, to be tormented: to be consumed (by remorse) Dhp.17, Dhp.136 (t. sehi kammehi dummedho = paccati Dhp-a.iii.64).

Sk. tapyate, Pass. of tapati


■ instr. to be satiated, to be pleased, to be satisfied Ja.i.185 (puriso pāyāsassa t.); Ja.ii.443; Ja.v.485 = Mil.381 (samuddo na t. nadīhi the ocean never has enough of all the rivers); Vv.84#13
grd tappiya satiable, in atappiya-vatthūni (16) objects of insatiability Ja.iii.342 (in full). Also tappaya in cpd. dut˚; hard to be satisfied AN.i.87; Pp.26
pp titta
caus tappeti to satisfy, entertain, regale, feed Iti.67 (annapānena) Pv.ii.4#8 (id.) Mil.227
pp tappita.

Sk. tṛpyate, caus. tarpayati; *terp = Gr. τέρπω