1. tender, of tender age, young new, newly (˚-) fresh. Esp. applied to a young calf MN.i.459 (in simile); ˚vaccha, ˚vacchaka, ˚vacchī Vin.i.193; Ja.i.191; Dhp-a.ii.35; Vv-a.200
    ■ Vin.i.243 (fresh milk); DN.i.114 (Gotamo t. c’ eva t
    ■ paribbājako ca “a young man and only lately become a wanderer”) Pv-a.3, Pv-a.46 (˚janā), Pv-a.62 (˚putta); Bdhd 93, 121.
  2. (m & nt.) the shoot of a plant, or a young plant Vin.i.189 (tāla˚); MN.i.432; Vism.361 (taruṇa-tāla).

Vedic taruṇa, cp. Gr. τέρυς, τέρην; Lat. tener & perhaps tardus