1. of place:

    1. place where there, in that place Snp.1071, Snp.1085; Dhp.58; Ja.i.278; Pv.i.10#15; often with eva: tatth’ eva right there, on the (very same) spot SN.i.116; Ja.ii.154; Pv-a.27. In this sense as introduction to a comment on a passage in this, here, in this connection (see also tatra) Dhs.584; Dhp-a.i.21; Pv-a.7, etc.
    2. direction: there, to this place Ja.ii.159 (gantvā); Ja.vi.368; Pv-a.16 (tatthagamanasīla able to go here & there, i.e. wherever you like of a Yakkha).
  2. as (loc.) case of pron. base ta˚ in this, for or about that, etc. Snp.1115 (etam abhiññāya tato tattha vipassati: Snp-a tatra); tattha yo manku hoti Dhp.249 (= tasmiṃ dāne m. Dhp-a.iii.359) tattha kā paridevanā Pv.i.12#3 (“why sorrow for this?”)

  3. of time: then, for the time being, interim (= ettha cp. tattaka2) in phrase tattha-parinibbāyin, where corresp. phrases have antarā-parinibbāyin (AN.ii.238 e.g. ≈ AN.i.134; see under parinibbāyin) DN.i.156; AN.i.232 AN.ii.5; AN.iv.12; SN.v.357; MN.ii.52, etc. The meaning of this phrase may however be taken in the sense of tatra A 3 (see next)

B. Repeated

tattha tattha here and there, in various places, all over; also corresponding with yattha yattha wherever… there Iti.115; Ne.96 (˚gāmini-paṭipadā); Vv-a.297; Pv-a.1, Pv-a.2, Pv-a.33, Pv-a.77, etc. See tatra.

Sk. tatra adv. of place, cp. Goth. papro & also Sk. atra, yatra