sesamum-oil (prepared from tila seeds), oil in general (tela = tilatelādika DN-a.i.93): used for drinking, anointing & burning purposes Vin.i.205, Vin.i.220 Vin.i.245, etc.; AN.i.209, AN.i.278 (sappi vā t. vā); AN.ii.122≈(tattena pi telena osiñcante; punishment of pouring over with boiling oil); Ja.i.293; Ja.ii.104; Pv.iv.1#48 (tiṇena telaṃ pi na tvaṃ adāsi: frequent as gift to mendicants) Pp.55; Dhs.646, Dhs.740, Dhs.815; Pv-a.80 (kaḷebarānaṃ vasā telañ ca: fat or oil in general)
■ tila ˚ṃ pātukāma desire to drink tila-wine Vv-a.54; pāka-tela oil concoction Vv-a.68 = Dhp-a.iii.311; Ja.ii.397 (sata˚); Ja.iii.372 (sahassa worth a thousand); Ja.v.376 (sata˚ worth a hundred) pādabbhañjana˚ oil for rubbing the feet Vv-a.44 sāsapa˚ (mustard seed & oil) Pv-a.198; sappi˚ (butter & oil) Snp.295; Pv-a.278 (see [+ madhu](/define/+ madhu)) as var. objects of grocery trade (dhañña).

  • -koṭṭhāgāra oil store Dhp-a.i.220;
  • -ghaṭa oil jar DN-a.i.144;
  • -cāṭī an oil tank Dhp-a.i.220;
  • -dhūpita spiced or flavoured with oil (of a cake) Vv.43#5;
  • -nāḷi a reed used for keeping oil in, an oil tube Vism.99; Dhp-a.ii.193 (+ udakatumba);
  • -pajjota an oil lamp Vin.i.16; DN.i.85 = AN.i.56 = Snp.p.15;
  • -padīpa an oil lamp Vin.i.15; SN.iii.126; SN.v.319; Vv-a.198;
  • -pāka an oil decoction mixed with spirits, oil-wine Vin.i.205;
  • -pilotikā (pl. rags soaked in oil Dhp-a.i.221;
  • -makkhana anointing (the body) with oil Mil.11;
  • -miñjaka an oil-cake Pv-a.51
  • -vaṇijjā oil trade Pv-a.47;
  • -homa an oblation of oil DN.i.9.

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