stiffness, obduracy, stolidity indifference (cp. thaddha & tandī, closely related in meaning). Together with; middha it is one of the 5 hindrances (nīvaraṇāni) to Arahantship (see below) Def. as cittassa akammaññatā, unwieldiness or impliability of mind (= immobility) at Cnd.290 = Dhs.1156 Dhs.1236 = Ne.86; as citta-gelaññaṃ morbid state of mind (“psychosis”) at DN-a.i.211
■ Snp.942 (niddaṃ tandiṃ sahe thīnaṃ pamādena na saṃvase), Snp.1106; Vb.352 (= Cnd.290 as expln of līnatta); Vism.262 (˚sineha where p. 361 reads patthinna˚).

  • -middha sloth & drowsiness, stolidity & torpor; two of the 5 nīvaraṇāni (Dhs. trsl. pp. 120, 310) Vin.ii.200 (vigata˚); DN.i.71, DN.i.246; DN.iii.49, DN.iii.234, DN.iii.269, DN.iii.278; SN.i.99 SN.iii.106; SN.v.277 sq.; AN.iii.69 sq.; AN.iii.421; Snp.437 (pañcamī senā Mārassa); Iti.27, Iti.120; Pts.i.31, Pts.i.45, Pts.i.162; Pts.ii.12, Pts.ii.169 Pts.ii.179, Pts.ii.228; Pp.68; Dhs.1154, Dhs.1486; Vism.469; Sdhp.459.

Sk. styāna; orig. pp. of styāyate to become hard, to congeal; stei̯ā (cp. also thira) = Gr. στέας grease, tale; Lat. stīpo to compress; also Sk. stimita (motionless) = P. timi; stīma (slow), Mhg. stīm; Goth etc. stains = E. stone; Gr. στϊφος (heap); Lat. stīpes (pale); Ohg. stīf = E. stiff