Tintiṇāti & Tintiṇāyati

to become sick, to swoon, to (stiffen out in a) faint Ja.i.243 (tintiṇanto corresp. with mucchita); Ja.vi.347 (tintiṇāyamāna, variant reading tiṇāy˚).

either = Sk. timirayati to be obscured, from tim in timira, or from stim (Sk. *tistimāyati → *stistim˚ after tiṣṭhati → *stiṣṭhati; = P. titiṇāyati) to become stiff, cp. timi, thīna and in meaning mucchati. The root tam occurs in same meaning in cpd. nitammati (q.v. = Sk. nitāmyati) at Ja.iv.284 explained by atikilamati