grass, herb; weed; straw; thatch hay, litter SN.iii.137 (tiṇa, kasā, kusa, babbaja, bīraṇa) satiṇakaṭṭhodaka full of grass, wood & water (of an estate) DN.i.87, DN.i.111, etc.; sītaṃ vā uṇhaṃ vā rajo vā tiṇaṃ vā ussāvo vā (dust & weeds) DN.ii.19; AN.i.145 t. + paṇṇa (grass & leaves1) AN.i.183; Vv-a.5
■ Ja.i.108 (dabba˚), Ja.i.295; Ja.iii.53; Pv.i.8#1 (harita t.); Pv.iv.1#48; Vism.353 (kuṇṭha˚); DN-a.i.77 (alla˚ fresh grass); Pv-a.7 (weed), Pv-a.62 (grass), Pv-a.112; Dhp-a.iv.121; Mil.47 (thatch), Mil.224 (id.).

  • -aṇḍupaka a roll of grass Vin.i.208 = Vin.iii.249;
  • -āgāra a thatched cottage AN.i.101 (+ naḷāgāra);
  • -ukkā a firebrand of dry grass or hay SN.ii.152; SN.iii.185; Ja.i.212 Ja.i.296; Vism.428; Dhp-a.i.126; Thag-a.287; Bdhd 107
  • -karala a wisp of grass Dhp-a.iii.38;
  • -kājaka a load of g Dhp-a.iv.121;
  • -gahana a thicket of g., a jungle AN.i.153
  • -cuṇṇa crushed & powdered (dry) grass or herbs Vin.i.203; Vv-a.100 (-rajânukiṇṇa);
  • -jāti grass-creeper Vv-a.162;
  • -dāya a grass-jungle SN.ii.152;
  • -dosa damaged by weeds (khetta) Dhp.356; Pv-a.7;
  • -pupphaka (-roga sickness caused by the flowering of grass, hay-fever Mil.216;
  • -purisaka a straw-man, a scarecrow Mil.352; Vism.462; Dhs-a.111;
  • -bhakkha eating grass; of animals MN.iii.167; of ascetics DN.i.166; Pp.55; AN.i.241 AN.i.295;
  • -bhusa chaff, litter, dry grass Vv-a.47;
  • -rukkha a shrub;
  • -vatthāraka one of the seven Adhikaraṇasamathas (ways in which litigation may be settled). In case mutual complaints of breach of the rules have been brought before a chapter, then the chapter may decline to go into the details and, with the consent of the litigants, declare all the charges settled. See Vin Texts, iii.30–⁠34. This is the “covering over as if with grass” Vin.ii.87 (in detail, cp. also tassapāpiyyasikā) DN.iii.254; AN.i.99; MN.ii.250;
  • -santhāraka a mat of grass Vin.i.286; Vin.ii.113, Vin.ii.116; Ja.i.360.

Vedic tṛṇa, from *ter (cp. tarati) to pierce, orig. “point” (= blade); Goth. paúrnus, Ags. porn = E thorn, Ger. dorn