indeclinable however, but, yet, now, then (similar in appl. to tāva); kin tu but (= quid nunc). Frequent in late verse ante tu, J.P.T.S. 1884, 5, 31, 37 etc. J.P.T.S. 1913 53; Bd’s Man. 1152 & c. Usually combd with eva: tv eva however Snp.p.141; na tv eva not however, but not AN.v.173.

Vedic tu, belonging to pron. base of second sg. tvaṃ = Lat. tu; Gr. τύ, τοί = indeed, however (orig ethical dat, of σύ), τοίνυν, τοίγαρ; Goth. pu, etc., cp tuvaṃ