1. a beam or pole for lifting, carrying or supporting, a rafter Vin.ii.122; Vv-a.188 (+ gopānasī); Dhs-a.107.
  2. a weighing pole or stick, scales balance AN.i.88; Ja.i.112; Dhp.268; Mil.356 (t. nikkhepanāya).
  3. fig. measure (“weighing,” cp. tulanā) standard, rate SN.ii.236 (+ pamāṇa).
  • -kūṭa false weighing, false weight (often combined with kaṃsakūṭa & mānakūṭa, false coining & false measuring DN.i.5 = AN.ii.209≈; DN-a.i.79; Dhp-a.i.239;
  • -daṇḍa the beam or lever of a balance Ja.i.113;
  • -puttaka a goldsmith (using scales) Ja.v.424 (or should it be tulādhuttaka).

see tuleti. Vedic tulā; Gr. τάλας, τάλαντον (balance, weighing & weight = talentum); τόλμα; Lat tollo (lift); Goth. pulan (to carry patiently, suffer) Ger. geduld, etc.