struck Thig.162 (vyādhimaraṇa˚ str. with sickness and death).

pp. of tudati


any pointed instrument as a stick, a goad, a bolt, or (usually) a needle Vin.i.290 (+ aggaḷa means of fastening); Ja.i.8 (id.).

  • -kamma “needle-work,” tailoring, patching, sewing Ja.iv.40; Ja.vi.366; Vism.112.
  • -kāra (& ˚ka) a (mending tailor Ja.iv.38 (variant reading ˚ka); Vv-a.251 (˚ka); Pv-a.120)
  • -vāya [Sk. tunnavāya] a “needle-weaver,” a tailor Vin.ii.159; Ja.vi.364, Ja.vi.368 (˚vesaṃ gahetvā in the disguise of a tailor); Pv-a.161 (id.); Pv.ii.9#14 (= tunnakāra Pv-a.120); Mil.331, Mil.365.

from tudati