sometimes tūriya (e.g. Vv.5#4) musical instruments in general, usually referred to as comprising 5 kinds of special instruments (pañcangika t. e.g. Vv.5#4; Vv.39#1 ; Vv-a.181, Vv-a.183, Vv-a.210, Vv-a.257), viz ātata, vitata, ātata-vitata, ghana, susira (Vv-a.37) Freq. in phrase nippurisehi turiyehi parivāriyamāna (or paricāriyamāna) “surrounded by (or entertained by) heavenly music” Vin.i.15; DN.ii.21; AN.i.145; Ja.i.58
■ Vv.38#4; Vv.41#2 ; Vv.50#24 , Vv.64#5 ; Pv.iii.8#1; Dhp-a.iii.460; Vv-a.92; Pv-a.74.

  • -sadda the sound of music, music Mhvs.vii.30.

Derivation uncertain, probably connected with tuleti, Sk. tūrya