Tuvaṃ & Tvaṃ

pronoun of second pers. in foll. forms & applications

I. Full forms

  1. sg.:

    1. tv˚, tu˚, tuyh˚: nom. tvaṃ (in prose & verse) Snp.179, Snp.241, Snp.1029, Snp.1058; Ja.i.279 Ja.ii.159; Pv.i.8#4. Also for nom. pl. at Ja.i.391, Ja.i.395; tuvaṃ (in verse) Snp.1064, Snp.1102, Snp.1121; Ja.iii.278 Ja.iii.394; Pv.i.3#3; Pv.ii.3#2; also for acc. Snp.377; Pv.ii.8#1 tuyhaṃ (gen. & dat.) Sk. tubhyaṃ Snp.983, Snp.1030; Ja.i.279; Pv-a.3, Pv-a.60, Pv-a.73, etc
    2. ta˚, tay˚, taṃ (acc. MN.i.487; Snp.31, Snp.241, Snp.1043, Snp.1049; Ja.i.222; Ja.ii.159; Pv.i.10#1; Pv.ii.1#6; tayā (instr.) Snp.335, Snp.344; Ja.i.222; Pv.ii.3#6 (= bhotiyā Pv-a.86): Pv-a.71; tayi (loc.) Snp.382; Ja.i.207; tava (gen.) Snp.1102, Snp.1110; Ja.ii.153; Pv-a.106–
  2. pl.: tumh˚ Sk. yuṣm˚: tumhe (nom. & acc. Iti.31; Ja.i.221 (acc.); Pv.i.11#2. Also as pl. majesticus in addressing one person Ja.ii.102; Ja.iv.138; tumhaṃ (gen.) Pv-a.58 (for sg.), Pv-a.78; tumhākaṃ (gen. dat. SN.ii.65; Iti.32; Ja.i.150; Ja.ii.102; tumhesu (loc.) Ja.i.292 (for sg.); tumhehi (instr.) Ja.ii.154; Pv.i.5#12

II. Enclitic forms

(in function of an ethical dative “in your interest,” therefore also as possessive gen. or as instrumental or any other case of the interested person according to construction).

  1. sg. te DN.ii.127 (dat.) Snp.76, Snp.120, Snp.1099 (dat.), Snp.1102 (dat.); Ja.i.151; Ja.ii.159 (instr.); Pv.i.2#3 (dat.); Pv.ii.3#2 (gen.), Pv.ii.4#6 (gen.).
  2. pl vo SN.iii.33 (instr.) Snp.135, Snp.172 (dat.), Snp.331 (dat.); Ja.i.222 (acc.); Ja.ii.133; Ja.iii.395 (gen.).

Sk. tvaṃ & (Ved.) tuaṃ, cp. also part. tu; Gr. τύ, σύ; Lat. tu; Goth. pu; E. thou, etc.; Oir. tū