1. to tear out Ja.i.199; Mil.101 (sadevake loke ubbattiyante); Dhp-a.i.5 (hadayamaṃsaṃ), Dhp-a.i.75 (rukkhaṃ).
  2. to cause to swell or rise Ja.iii.361 (gangāsotaṃ); Ja.iv.161 (samuddaṃ).
  3. (intrs.) to go out of direction, or in the wrong direction Vism.327 (neva ubbaṭṭati na vivaṭṭati; variant reading uppaṭṭati); Dhp-a.iii.155.

Caus. of ud + vṛt, of which doublet is ubbaṭṭeti; cp. also ubbaṭuma