elation, elated state of mind MN.iii.159; -bhāva id. DN-a.i.122; Sdhp.167. See next.

either a secondary formation fr. ubbilāvita, or representing uppilava (uppilāva) for upplava, ud + plu as discussed under ubbilāvita. The BSk. word udvilya Lal.351, 357, or audvilya Divy.82 is an artificial reconstruction from the Pāli, after the equation of Sk dvādaśa → dial. P. bārasa, whereas the original Sk. dv is in regular P. represented by dd, as in dvīpa → dīpa *udvāpa → uddāpa. Müller’s construction ubbilla → *udvela rests on the same grounds, see P. Gr. 12.