breaking up, disintegration, perishing (of the soul) Vin.iii.2 (either after this life, or after kāmadeva life, or after brahmadeva life) DN.i.34, DN.i.55; SN.iv.323; Mnd.324; Mil.413; Ne.95, Ne.112, Ne.160; DN-a.i.120.

  • -diṭṭhi the doctrine of the annihilation (of the soul) as opp. to sassata-or atta-diṭṭhi (the continuance of the soul after death) SN.ii.20; SN.iii.99, SN.iii.110 sq; Pts.i.150, Pts.i.158 Mnd.248 (opp. sassati˚); Dhs.1316; Ne.40, Ne.127; Snp-a.523 (opp. atta˚).
  • -vāda (adj.) one who professes the doctrine of annihilation (ucchedadiṭṭhi) Vin.i.235; Vin.iii.2; DN.i.34, DN.i.55; SN.ii.18; SN.iv.401; AN.iv.174, AN.iv.182 sq.; Mnd.282; Pp.38.
  • -vādin = ˚vāda Ne.111; Ja.v.244.

fr. ud + chid, chind, see ucchindati & cp. cheda