rubbing the limbs, anointing the body with perfumes, shampooing DN.i.7, DN.i.76; at the latter passage in combn. anicc˚-dhamma, of the body, meaning “erosion, decay” and combd. with parimaddana abrasion (see about detail of meaning Dial. i.87); thus in same formula at MN.i.500; SN.iv.83; Ja.i.146 & passim; AN.i.62; AN.ii.70 (+ nahāpana); AN.iv.54, AN.iv.386; Iti.111; Thig.89 (nahāpan˚); Mil.241 (˚parimaddana), Mil.315 (+ nahāpana); DN-a.i.88.

ut + sād, Caus. of sad, sīdati, cp. ussada