˚- adverb high (lit. & fig.), raised, in foll. compounds.

  • -kaṇerukā a tall female elephant MN.i.178.
  • -kāḷārikā id. MN.i.178 (variant reading ˚kaḷārikā to be preferred).
  • -kula a high noble family Pv.iii.1#16 (= uccā khattiya-kul-âdino Pv-a.176).
  • -kulīnatā birth in a high-class family, high rank MN.iii.37; Vv-a.32.
  • -sadda a loud noise DN.i.143, DN.i.178; AN.iii.30.
  • -sayana a high bed (+ mahāsayana) Vin.i.192; DN.i.5, DN.i.7; cp. DN-a.i.78.

cp. Sk. uccā, instr. sg. of uccaṃ, cp. paścā behind, as well as uccaiḥ instr. pl
■ In BSk. we find ucca˚ (uccakulīna Avs.iii.117) as well as uccaṃ (uccaṃgama Divy.476). It is in all cases restricted to compounds