1. the belly, stomach DN.ii.266; Snp.78, Snp.604, Snp.609, Snp.716; Ja.i.146, Ja.i.164, Ja.i.265; Mil.213; Pv-a.283; Kp-a.57, Kp-a.58; Dhp-a.i.47 (pregnant); Sdhp.102.
  2. cavity, interior, inside Dāvs i.56 (mandir-odare) -ūnūdara with empty belly Thag.982; Mil.406, Mil.407 cp. ūna.
  • -aggi the fire of the belly or stomach (i.e. of digestion Kp-a.59; Snp-a.462; Pv-a.33;
  • -āvadehakaṃ (adv.) bhunjati to eat to fill the stomach, eat to satiety, to be gluttonous MN.i.102; AN.v.18; Thag.935; Vism.33.
  • -paṭala the mucous membrane of the stomach Vism.359 (= sarīr˚abbhantara Vism.261); Snp-a.248; Kp-a.55, Kp-a.61.
  • -pūra stomachfilling Vism.108.
  • -vaṭṭi “belly-sack”, belly Vin.iii.39 Vin.iii.117; Vism.262 where Kp-a reads ud. paṭala).
  • -vāta the wind of the belly, stomach-ache 9 Ja.i.33, Ja.i.433; Vism.41 (˚ābādha); Dhp-a.iv.129.

Vedic udara, Av udara belly, Gr. υ ̔́στερος = Lat. uterus belly, womb; Lith. védaras stomach, See also Walde, Lat. Wtb. under vensica