an aquatic animal, the otter (?) Childers s. v. doubts the identity of this creature with the regular otter, since it lives in the jungle. Is it a beaver- Vin.i.186 (˚camma otter-skin, used for sandals); Cp.i.10#2 (˚pota); Ja.iii.51 sq., Ja.iii.335. The names of two otters at Ja.iii.333 are Gambhīra-cārin and Anutīra-cārin.

Vedic udra, to uda2 water, lit. living in water; Cp. Gr. υ ̔́δρος “hydra”; Ohg. ottar = Ags. otor = E. otter Lith. ûdra = Obulg. vydra otter


water, in passage amakkhito uddena, amakkhito semhena, a. ruhirena i.e. not stained by any kind of (dirty) fluid DN.ii.14; MN.iii.122.

for uda2?