uddha FIXME double

Uddhaṃ & Uddha˚

(indecl.) high up, on top, above (adv. & prep.)
■ On uddhaṃ in spatial, temporal, ethical & psychological application see in detail Cnd.155.

I. (adv.)

  1. (of space) up aloft, on top, above (opp. adho) Vin.iii.121; Kp-a.248 (= upari)
    ■ In contrast with adho (above → below DN.i.23, DN.i.153, DN.i.251; Vism.176 (u. adho tiriyaṃ expld.) DN-a.i.98 (see also adho)
    ■ Esp. with ref. to the points of the compass as “in zenith” (opp. adho “in nadir”) e.g. at DN.i.222 (“straight up”); Iti.120; Ja.i.20.
  2. (of time) in future, ahead, hence Snp.894; Mnd.303 (u vuccati anāgataṃ)

II. (prep. with abl. & instr.).

  1. (of space) in phrase uddhaṃ pādatalā adho kesamatthakā (above the soles & below the scalp) DN.ii.293, DN.ii.294; DN.iii.104; AN.iii.323; AN.v.109
  2. (of time after, hence Pv.i.10#12 (u. catūhi māsehi after 4 months catunnaṃ māsānaṃ upari Pv-a.52); Pv-a.147 (sattahi vassa satehi u., meaning here 700 years ago, cp. ito in similar application, meaning both past & future), Pv-a.148 (sattāhato u. after a week; uttari variant reading BB.)
    ■ In cpds uddha˚ & uddhaṃ˚ (see below). The reading udhogalaṃ at Pv-a.104 is to corrected to adho˚


Note (cp Trenckner, Notes 60). In certain cases we find ubbhaṃ for uddhaṃ. Notice the foll.: ubbhaṃ yojanaṃ uggato Ja.v.269; ubbhaṭṭhako hoti “standing erect” DN.i.167; MN.i.78; ubbhamukhu “mouth (face) upwards”, turned upwards SN.iii.238; Mil.122.

  1. uddha˚; in: -gāmin going upwards SN.v.370 sq cchiddaka (-vātapānā) (windows) having openings above Dhp-a.i.211. -pāda heels upwards either with adhosira (head down) AN.iv.133, or avansira Vv.52#25 (variant reading); Ja.i.233. -mukha turned upwards, adv. ˚ā upwards or backwards (of a river) Mil.295 (Gangā u. sandati; in same context ubbha˚ Mil.122). -lomin “having hair on the upper side”, a kind of couch or bed (or rug on a couch Vin.i.192 = Vin.ii.163, Vin.ii.169. So is prob. to be read for uddalomī (q.v.). -virecana action of an emetic (lit. throwing up) (opp. adho-virecana of a purgative) DN.i.12 (= uddhaṃ dosānaṃ nīharaṇaṃ DN-a.i.98); Dhp-a.iii.126; Snp-a.86 -suddha clean on top Vin.ii.152
  2. uddhaṃ˚; in -āghātanika an after-deather, a teacher who maintains that the soul exists after death DN.i.31, cp. DN-a.i.119 -pāda feet up (& head down) Vv.52#25 (variant reading uddha˚) -bhāgiya belonging to the upper part (opp. oram˚): see saṃyojana. -virecana variant reading BB. at Snp-a.86 for uddha˚ -sara(ṃ) (adv.) with raised or lofty voice, lit. “sounding high” Snp.901, see Mnd.315. -sota (adj.) one who is going upwards in the stream of life (cp. BSk. ūrdhvasrotaḥ Mahāvy § 46)

DN.iii.237; SN.v.69, SN.v.201, SN.v.205, SN.v.237 SN.v.285, SN.v.314, SN.v.378; AN.i.233; AN.ii.134; AN.iv.14 sq., AN.iv.73 sq., AN.iv.146 AN.iv.380; AN.v.120; Dhp.218; Thig.12; Pp.17; Ne.190; Dhp-a.iii.289; lit. up-stream at Ja.iii.371.

nt. of adj. *uddha = Sk. ūrdhva high; to Idg. *ared(h) as in Lat. arduus steep or *ured as in Sk. vardhate to raise, Gr. ὀρχός straight