(& ubbhāra in Vin.; e.g. Vin.ii.255, cp. Vin.ii.256 where ubbhata unterchanges with uddhāra)

  1. taking away, withdrawal, suspension, in kaṭhin˚; (q.v. Vin.i.255 sq.; Vin.iii.262; Vin.iv.287; Vin.v.177 sq.
  2. a tax levy, debt, in phrase -ṃ sodheti (so read for sādheti loc cit.) to clear up a debt Ja.ii.341; Ja.iii.106; Ja.iv.45, Ja.iv.247 uddhāra-sodhana (variant reading sādh˚) the clearance of a debt Ja.ii.341.
  3. synopsis or abstract Dpvs.v.37 (atth˚ of the meaning of the Vin.); Snp-a.237 (atth˚ + pad˚).

fr. uddharati1