1. indicating, with signs or indications Ja.iii.354 = Mil.230.
  2. prep w. acc.:
    1. (lit.) pointing to, tending towards, towards to Pv-a.250 Suraṭṭha-visayaṃ)
    2. (appld.) with reference to, on account of, for, concerning Pv-a.8 (pete), Pv-a.17 (= ārabbha), Pv-a.49 (ratanattayaṃ), Pv-a.70 (maṃ), Pv-a.146.
  • -kata allotted to, specified as, meant for (cp. odissa & odissaka) Vin.i.237 (maṃsa); Vin.ii.163; DN.i.166 = AN.i.295 = Pp.55 (viz. bhikkhā); MN.i.77; Kp-a.222; Ja.ii.262, Ja.ii.263 (bhatta).

orig. ger. of uddisati