group of Suttas, used throughout the Vinaya Piṭaka with ref. to each Khandhaka, in the Saṃyutta, the Anguttara and other books (cp. Mil.407) for each group of about ten Suttas (cp. Dhs-a.27). The Uddāna gives in a sort of doggerel verse, at the end of each group the titles of the Suttas in the group. It may then be roughly rendered “summary”. If all the Uddānas were collected together, they would form a table of contents to the whole work
■ Otherwise the word has only been found used of fishes “macchuddāna” (so Ja.ii.425; Dhp-a.ii.132). It then means a group of fish placed apart for for sale in one lot. Perhaps a set or a batch would meet the case.

fr. ud + , dayati to bind: see under dāma