Udraya & Uddaya

(-˚) coming forth, result, consequence. Usually in foll. two phrases: dukkh˚; (yielding pain) & sukh˚; (giving pleasure) e.g. as dukkh˚; at. MN.i.415 Ja.iv.398 Ja.v.119 (variant reading ˚indriya) Pv.i.11#10 (so read for Text ˚andriya, cp. undriyati as variant reading for udāyati); Pts.ii.79 (kammaṁ); as sukh˚; at Ja.v.389 (variant reading ˚indriya) Dhp-a.ii.47 (˚uddaya). Both dukkh & sukh˚ at Pts.i.80. Besides these in following combinations: kaṭuk causing bitterness Ja.v.241 sa˚ with (good or evil) consequences SN.ii.29 MN.i.271

perhaps a bastard form of uddaya = udaya yielding etc. The BSk. usually renders P. dd by dr. If so, then equal to adaya & uddaya1