injured, spoilt; destroyed DN.i.86 (phrase khata + upahata); SN.i.238 (na sûpahata “not easily put out” trsl.); SN.ii.227; AN.i.161; Dhp.134; Ja.vi.515; Mil.223, Mil.302; Dhp-a.ii.33 (an˚).

The formula at DN.i.86 (khata + upahata) is doubtful as to its exact meaning According to Bdhgh it means “one who has destroyed his foundation of salvation, i.e. one who cannot be saved. Thus at DN-a.i.237: “bhinna-patiṭṭho jāto, i.e. without a basis. Cp. remarks under khata. The translation at Dial. i.95 gives it as “deeply affected and touched in heart”: doubtful. The phrase upahaccaparinibbāyin may receive light from upahata.

pp. of upahanti