help, service, support; means of existence, livelihood DN.ii.340; AN.ii.86; Ja.i.7; Pv-a.60 (commodities), Pv-a.133 (˚manussa, adj. suitable, fit) Sdhp.69. In general any instrument or means of achieving a purpose, viz. apparatus of a ship Ja.iv.165; tunnavaya˚ a weaver’s outfit Ja.ii.364; dabb˚; fit to be used as wood Vism.120; dān˚; materials for a gift Pv-a.105 (so read & cp. upakkhaṭa); nahān˚; bathing requisites Vv-a.248 vitt˚ luxuries AN.v.264 sq., AN.v.283, AN.v.290 sq.; Pv-a.71.

fr. upa + kṛ.