adjective approaehing, near Ja.iv.213 (yāva upakaṭṭha-majjhantikā till nearly noon). Usually in foll. two phrases: upakaṭṭhe kāle when the time was near, i.e. at the approach of meal time Vin.iv.175; Vv-a.6, Vv-a.294; and upakaṭṭhāya vassūpanāyikāya as Lent was approaching Vin.i.253; Pv-a.42; Vv-a.44. Cp. vūpakaṭṭha
■ loc. upakaṭṭhe as adv. or prep. “near, in the neighbourhood of” Cnd.639 (= santike); Dāvs v.41 (so read for upakaṇṭhe).

pp. of upa + karś to draw up or near to