to bring up to, conduce, adduce; to present, give Ja.i.200; Mil.396; DN-a.i.276; Pv-a.39, Pv-a.43 Pv-a.49, Pv-a.53, Pv-a.74
pass upanīyati (˚niyyati)

  1. to be brought (up to) Ja.iv.398; ppr. ˚nīyamāna Ja.i.200; Pv-a.5.
  2. to be brought to conclusion, or to an end (of life) MN.ii.68; SN.i.2.
  3. to be carried along or away AN.i.155

pp upanīta (q.v.)
ger upanīya (q.v.).

upa + neti