basis, reliance, support, foundation, assurance, certainty; esp. sufficing condition or qualification for Arahantship (see long article in Childers s. v.); no 9 in the 24 paccayas, Tikapatthāṇa, Tikapaṭṭhāna i.1, a term only found in the Paṭṭhāna, the Jātaka & later exegetical literature Ja.i.78, Ja.i.508; Ja.iv.96; Ja.vi.70; Ne.80 Vism.19 (˚gocara), Vism.535 (˚paccaya); Dhs-a.315 (id.); Dhp-a.ii.33; Vv-a.98; Pv-a.38 (sotāpatti-phalassa), Pv-a.55 (˚sampatti) Sdhp.265, Sdhp.320.

upa + ni˚