(-˚) adjective

  1. referring to, belonging to in cpd. att˚; ref. to oneself Vin.iii.91; Vism.27.
  2. beginning, in phrase vass’ūpanāyikā (f.) the approach of the rainy season, period for entering on Lent (cp. BSk. varṣopanāyikā Divy.18, Divy.489 & see also upakaṭṭha and vassa) Vin.i.253; AN.i.51 (divided into 2 parts first & second, or purimikā & pacchimikā); Ja.iii.332; DN-a.i.8; Dhp-a.i.203; Dhp-a.iii.438; Vv-a.44; Pv-a.42.

fr. upa +