1. birth, rebirth, (lit. attainment) MN.i.82; SN.iii.53; SN.iv.398; AN.v.289 sq.; Snp.139, Snp.643, Snp.836; Dhp.419 (sattānaṃ); in var specifications as: deva˚ rebirth among gods Pv-a.6, Pv-a.81 devaloka˚ AN.i.115; kāma˚ existence in the sensuous universe DN.iii.218; Iti.94; arūpa˚ in the formless spheres Vb.172, Vb.267, Vb.296; rūpa˚, in the world of form Vb.171 sq., Vb.263 sq.; Vb.299; niraya˚ in Purgatory Pv-a.53.
  2. occasion, opportunity (lit. “coming to”); object for in dāna˚ objects suitable for gifts AN.iv.239 (where 8 enumerated, see dāna).
  • -deva a god by birth (or rebirth) Vv-a.18; also given as uppatti-deva, e.g. at Kp-a.123. See detail under deva.

fr. upa + pad, cp. uppatti